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Show custom view in Record layout only when a specific TAB selected

Question asked by Shivam Tailor on Aug 22, 2019

I have a custom view that I have added in record layout. So that on RecordView of the module, I have my custom view displays.


Current Behaviour:

-- My new custom view is displaying after the existing/default RecordView (tab view)

-- Because this is a separate/independent view, this custom view appears all the time even if I changed the tab in the RecordView



-- I want to display/show custom view only if user select any specific TAB from default RecordView.


I added a custom code that triggers on click of the TAB. But the issue is this custom code got triggerred before actual TAB change event executed. So when I get active tab using JQuery selector, it returns the previous tab selected as active tab. 


Any solution to display custom view only for specific TAB selection on main/default RecordView (Tab view) ?