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SugarBPM Evaulating dates to set statuses

Question asked by lee Ingham on Aug 27, 2019

Im Trying to use SugarBPM to evaluate and set a status when a date field (in this case when a Date of last activity changes)


the scenarios are as follows


1. When last activity date changes > set status to "green" (this one is fine)

2. when the activity date is more than 10 days and less than 30 days > set status to "Amber"

3. When the activity date is more than 30 days > Set status to "Red"


ive tried using a business rule and found the conditon for the "activity date" >10d

also tried "activity date <10d isnt giving me what i need.



ive even tried Activity Date > Activity date +/- 10 days etc.



the workflow always evalutes just the first scenario and not the rest


I know we can easily do this with a scheduler job and code but really want to be able to use advanced workflow for a more front end configurable example.


any help would be greatly appreciated