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Overdue Tasks

Question asked by Greg Barrass on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2019 by Greg Barrass

We are aware that overdue tasks are highlighted with a colour in Sugar, however we want to create a report ()that can be used on a Dashboard as well) that shows overdue tasks by assigned user.


We thought this would be easy until we looked at the filter options - there is no ability to specify before today - you can specify before today being todays date but tomorrow the report is wrong because it is now using before yesterdays date.


We considered creating a calculated Overdue field with a formula where if due date is before today, set the field to Yes, but the problem with that is that the calculated field won't update unless the record is accessed and saved.


We looked at List view - nope same filter options.


We also know we probably could build a workflow that triggers the user and the users manager to action the task. Thats fine as well.


And Yes - in an ideal world there should not be any overdue tasks, but in reality it happens.


All we want to do is create a simple Overdue Tasks Report (and maybe later on Overdue Calls and Meetings). Any ideas appreciated, without telling us we need to buy some further add on.


Hopefully we are missing the obvious, because this is pretty basic.