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Using Sugar web logic hooks with ngrok and Flask

Question asked by Greg Billings on Aug 14, 2019

I am trying to retrieve data from a Sugar web logic hook using ngrok for a public url and Flask as my web server. (I‘m using the method shown in this video: )


I know the ngrok url and Flask application I am using work because I can receive a payload from  Zoho Forms. Also, I am able to receive a payload from Sugar in pipedream (requestbin).


When  I take that json formatted payload from pipedream and send it to my Flask application using Postman, I am able to access the data.


However, when I trigger the webhook by changing a record in Sugar I get no response. I don’t even get an error code.


I do get a message from the ngrok inspect page: “The connection was closed before this request could be fully read; 219 bytes were captured. It cannot be replayed. The error encountered while reading the request body was "unexpected EOF".”


Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?


I’m open to other ways to create a webhook listener, but I’m new to this and am already somewhat familiar with Python.