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Sugar Mobile endpoint call

Question asked by Enrique Madrigal Gutierrez on Aug 15, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2019 by Eugene Bychkov

Hi, This is my question.

It's for the mobile part.

It's possible to call an endpoint from cordovapost.


Something like this, I can't find any reference or documentation to this.

In this example from sugarmobile in cordova.'GET', app.api.buildURL('CT1_Contratos/5744f939-6b8f-4f89-b12b-903e1dcbecc5/pdfParamas'), null , {


function (data)
funcion (error)




The api is called, but I don't know in Android and iOS, the api call adds an extra "_1" to the call. (v11_1) and should be only (v11)


 11405-11510/com.inteliK.crm D/Nomad: undefined
08-15 19:29:54.504 11405-11510/com.inteliK.crm D/Nomad: Payload:
08-15 19:29:54.508 11405-11510/com.inteliK.crm D/Nomad: params: