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Get deleted contacts REST API is not working.

Question asked by Arockia Jerald on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2019 by Ramaraj Karuppusamy

Get deleted contacts REST API is not working.


I am a thirty party developer. The below API I used to get deleted contacts from sugar but didn't work. it always returns an empty value. For testing this API I deleted one contact in Sugar and test the flow with that API(not working).

FYI: The newly created/updated contacts we are getting properly.,last_name,phone_home,phone_mobile,phone_work,phone_other,phone_fax,assistant_phone&filter[0][$or][0][date_entered][$gte]=2019-08-06T06:23:32Z&filter[0][$or][0][date_modified][$gte]=2019-08-06T06:23:32Z&filter[0][$and][0][deleted]=1


Please help me to fix this issue.