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Create note with attachment with php and sugar api

Question asked by john Fieldsend on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by john Fieldsend

Im trying to create a note in sugar and on my local install the following code worked fine


      $note = BeanFactory::getBean('Notes');
      $note->description        = $args['description'];
      $note->id                 = create_guid();
      $note->new_with_id        = true;
      $note->parent_type        = $args['parentType'];
      $note->modified_user_id   = $args['contact'];
      $note->created_by         = $args['contact'];
      $note->parent_id          = $args['parentID'];

      if (isset($args['file'])) {
        $note->filename           = $args['file'];
        $note->file_mime_type     = $args['file_mime_type'];
        $note->file_ext           = $args['file_ext'];
        $note->file_size          = $args['file_size'];


      if (isset($note->id) && !empty($note->id) && isset($args['file'])) {
        $result['success'] = true;
        $file = $GLOBALS['sugar_config']['upload_dir'] . '/' . $note->id;
        sugar_file_put_contents($file, base64_decode($args['file_content']));

however ive packaged up my api to install it on our test then live cloud instance of sugar.


unfortunately I now get the error when i ty and install my package

File Issues

Invalid usage of a function sugar_file_put_contents()


Im confused as I thought sugar_file_put_content was a standard sugar function but seems I'm not allowed to use it on cloud but cant find an alternative. anyone know how to add attachments to notes on a cloud instance via the api


Running Sugar Enterprise 9.0 on cloud