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Autofill price, depending on field in opportunity

Question asked by Volkan Deniz on Jul 24, 2019
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I have a, probably very simple, question.

I need a discount field in the opportunity module. I have come a long way and am stuck on the field "price". I introduced a new field named "Edition" in the opportunities. And I want the price field to be filled out automatically, based on the value set in "Edition".


Edition 1 --> 5€
Edition 2 --> 10€ 
Edition 3 --> 20€ 


This price will then be modified with the discountvalue and eventually print out the net price at the end. That's the theory. 


Right now I am just concerned about how to get the "price" field to be filled out automatically..


Looking forward to your replies and wish a happy wednesday to all.





PS: There is a low amount of Editions. To be exact there are only 5.