Jacquelyn Lane

Tracking Customer Registration/Attendance at Offline Events

Discussion created by Jacquelyn Lane on Jul 16, 2019

My company does a lot of client events - happy hours, parties, VIP trips, tradeshows, etc. We are looking into ways to manage event registration and check-in so that prospect/customer engagement at these events is automatically tracked in Sugar. 


We use Act-On for marketing automation. It can handle the registration piece using forms, but it lacks a mobile app for handling event check-ins. We've started looking into third-party solutions (https://splashthat.com/, for example), but this will require us to build an API connection between the event application and Sugar--I'm not aware of an application that connects to Sugar out of the box. While we're open to this, it feels like a significant investment in an application that has a lot of overlapping functionality with our marketing automation system. Ideally, I would rather invest in a solution that supplements or enhances our existing processes (which generally work fine for us). 


Curious to hear how other businesses have addressed this and if you can provide any suggestions. Thanks!