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URL Field Type with Calculated Value

Question asked by Jacki Elek on Jul 16, 2019
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Our scenario:

We have a Zip Code Module in which we use the Zip Code in Opp Records to calculate consistent fields (City, County, State, Region, etc).

We want to add to this by inserting weblinks to correspond to the County (all the weblinks were imported into the Zip Code Module).

However, when building the URL field in the Opp Module - there isn't an option for a Calculated Value.

We are able to do it via a text field (but then the active link is lost.  We can of course highlight the text, right click, and get to the link - but was optimistic that the direct link could be copied over Module to Module).

We also tried creating a URL field from the above text field and set to Generate URL from an Insert Field - but this does not do the trick.


Any suggestions are welcome.


Thank you!