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Should I keep versioning role-based views?

Question asked by Christopher Cacciatore on Jul 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by George Mavrakis

Hi everyone,


We've been using Git to deploy Sugar code on premise for a while now, and since my customer started playing with role-based views, I ask myself this question : Should I keep versioning those views?

The obvious answer is "Yes, you should, it's still code", but given the fact that those views are applied to a role thanks to the role's ID, shouldn't we consider them as being environment-specific and stop tracking them?


My customer created some roles on Test and Production via Administration, defined some corresponding views in test that we cannot make work in production because the roles have different IDs on different environments... So now, I'm stuck between two possibilities :


 - stop tracking role-based views and let my customer play with it without caring

 - continue to track them, but then I need to transfer roles from test to production (and, in one way or another, prevent anyone from creating new roles in production to avoid issues...)


How would you recommend to proceed with those views? Matt Marum, Lauren Schaefer, any advice?



Christopher Cacciatore