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How can I seperate scheduled calls, meetings and tasks from 'background' issues?

Question asked by Ronnie van der Linden on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by Dmytro Chupylka



We currently are using SugarCRM Enterprise for sales, account management and customer support. 


We are a B2B software provider. I'd like to optimise my Sugar experience for my personal role.


We work in such a way that I convert leads to new bussiness and at the same time I am responsible for the account management and renewal of their contracts. 


I use the Sugar calendar quite a lot for scheduled meetings, calls and tasks, and that works like a charm. However, I can't seem to create an overview or workflow for myself where I can view and keep track of current 'issues' for specific accounts (wheter that be a client or lead), WITHOUT planning a call, meeting or task purely as a reminder for myself (so not as an appointment, for what it is actually intended). 


This clogs my calendar and is highly annoying. I'd like a separation between my calendar with only real planned meetings, tasks and calls on one hand, and on the other hand an overview of accounts where there is an issue or that needs focus on the background. 


Can someone help me to create this? Maybe share some tips? 


Thanks massively in advance!


Kind regards,