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Looking for advice on accomplishing a specific workflow/data relationship

Question asked by Jake Ashley on Jun 19, 2019
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Trying to plan the best route of action to accomplish the following and need a little guidance.


We have Accounts (e.g. Sample Credit Union) that each have their own production. The production data is exported from a third party platform, but the accounts are identified only via an organization code, rather than the entity name as we have it in Sugar. And then each organization code has multiple entries, but different file #s, which doesnt really matter, but we still want to be able to have each record of production be seperate, but still grouped together by Org. Code and then related to the associated account.


We want to house each account's organization code within the respective account record. Then we have a custom basic module for the data. Each account's production data can have multiple entries. We want to then use this data to build reports, and instead of having to build a report to match each specific organization code, we want each account's report to automatically relate to it's organization code and pull the data that corresponds from the custom data module.




Account Module:

Account Name | Org. Code

Sample Credit Union - SCU01234

Another Credit Union - ACU0987


Production Module (Data is imported here):

Org. Code | File # | Amount

SCU01234 - 1234 - $2,000

SCU01234 - 8765 - $2,456

ACU0987 - 7890 - $3,333

ACU0987 - 5678 - $2,067

ACU0987 - 3456 - $1,000

and so on...


Does anyone have a suggestion on the most efficient way of accomplishing this?


Thanks in advance.