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Error when creating fields from module builder

Question asked by Juan Diego Rojas Valencia on Jun 14, 2019
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Currently we have a problem in the module builder module. When we create a module and add a field this does not.

1- The module is ModuleBuilder, the module is created from 0
2- type: varchar, name=test, Display Label=test, System Label=LBL_PRUEBA, Max Size=255, Full Text Searchable=Disabled, Reportable=1, Allow Imports=Yes, Duplicate Merge=Enabled
3- An error is not printed in the console or in the log files.
The process is as follows:
- We enter the ModuleBuilder module
- Create a new module
- Add a field
- Then in the list of fields is not the field created before
- When the module is installed per module loader, the fields are still missing.