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vagrant issue

Question asked by Polys Kasinides on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2019 by Polys Kasinides

Hi all,


I've followed the steps as described in this link to set up my local vagrant box. 

Some technical clarification:


MAC Machine

Box Used sugarcrm/php71es56


I get the following error


Vagrant cannot forward the specified ports on this VM, since they

would collide with some other application that is already listening

on these ports. The forwarded port to 8080 is already in use

on the host machine.


To fix this, modify your current project's Vagrantfile to use another

port. Example, where '1234' would be replaced by a unique host port: :forwarded_port, guest: 80, host: 1234


I changed the Vagrantfile and added the following directive "forwarded_port", guest: 80, host: 4367


and then Vagrant reload


Unfortunately the same issue persists.