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How to add a record in under a specific Targets Lists record

Question asked by foysal md on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2019 by Muhammad Shaji Uddin

I want to add a Targets in Targets Lists module specific records 
i mean i have a Targets Lists name *abc* under that Targets List I wwant to add a targets vai rest api.
I am able to add Targets but do not know how to add it under targets list.

any help would be really appreciable.

$set_entry_parameters = array(
   "session" => $session_id,
    "module_name" => "ProspectLists", 
   "link_field_name" => "Prospects",
   "name_value_list" => array(
          array("name" => "last_name", "value" => $name ),
         array("name" => "phone_mobile", "value" => $phn),
          array("name" => "email1", "value" => $email),
         array("name" => "description", "value" => $targets_source_description),
$set_entry_result = $mcrm->call("set_entry", $set_entry_parameters);