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How to get a second list view for a module

Question asked by Groupe Sugar on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Groupe Sugar

Hello all,


I try to get a second list view for the Opportunities module (Sugar 8.0.x ENT).

This second list view would be the same than the standard one, except that the displayed fields would be different ( I want 3 specific fields in it, in order for the user to perform an action on the displayed records)

I've created the followings for now:

  • a new "records-external" layout, which extends "recordsLayout"
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\layouts\records-external\records-external.js
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\layouts\records-external\records-external.php
  • a new "list-external" layout, which extends "listLayout"
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\layouts\list-external\list-external.js
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\layouts\list-external\list-external.php
  • a new "recordlist-external" view, which extends "OpportunitiesRecordlistView"
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\views\recordlist-external\recordlist-external.js
    • custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\views\recordlist-external\recordlist-external.php


When I call my layout I can see that the correct layouts and views are called, as expected.

The problem is I don't get how the list view metadata are used from the recordlist view. I can't specify the fields I wan't to see from my custom\modules\Opportunities\clients\base\views\recordlist-external\recordlist-external.php


I've seen that the original "recordlist" view extends "flex-list" view, which extends "list" view. Do I have to create a "flex-list-external" view which would extend "list-external" view, which would extend orginal "list" view, to be able to define that I want "list-external" view metadata instead of "list" view metadata? Maybe is there a magical parameter in the recordlist view wich would tell Sugar to take into account "list-external" view metadata instead of "list" view metadata?


Francesca Shiekh I've seen that you tried to extend these layouts in the past, have you succeeded?

Any idea Cédric Mourizard, Angel Magana, Matt Marum ?


Thank you,