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How to open the SugarCRM app (SDK Mobile) on a specific view of a module from an external apache cordova application?

Question asked by Salvador Lopez on May 27, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Salvador Lopez

Good day community.

I come to you because I have been stuck in a development and I have not been able to solve it.

I'm developing an application with apache cordova and I want this application to open a SugarCRM application previously installed on the device.

I am currently using the "startapp" plugin that can be downloaded from and I have managed to open the sugarCRM app through the package path "com.myapp.sugarcrm" .

                        var sApp = startApp.set ({
                                 "application": "com.myapp.sugarcrm"
                                    }). start (function (success) {
                                                  console.log (success);
                                    }, function (error) {
                                                  console.error (error);

Does anyone know how to access a specific VIEW within the SugarCRM application, that is, how could I access to specific record of Accounts module through a route such as #Accounts/123456789 from an external application?


Thanks in advance




Salvador L.