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Migrating customizations from cloud to clean on-site install

Question asked by Chris Maggiulli on May 10, 2019
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Chris Maggiulli

I have configured a local dev environment of SugarCRM Enterprise 8.3.  I was able to get it up and running only with a clean install (without any of our customization's).  I also have an export of our cloud htdocs folder which does contain the customization's.


I was attempting to use the clean install and simply import our customized assets but the job is tedious and I don't know enough about the platforms moving pieces to troubleshoot errors quickly when they arise.  As such I attempted to swap out the htdocs folder of the clean install with the htdocs folder of the asset ( follow this document as a guideline ), and have been able to accomplish the following:


1. Import of the data into local MySQL database

2. Modified the config.php file to point to the local mysql database

3. Modified the config.php file to connect to local elasticsearch

4. Created the necessary .htaccess files


Because I have a clean install running fine locally I know that my web server (and related modules), php (and related modules), and database are installed and configured correctly.  However, after making those changes when I try to access any page locally I get a MySQL error related to a table that doesnt exist (must be a table related to one of the unimported modules).  I've tried to delete the contents of ./cache but still the same error.  Any suggestions on this?  Should I just attempt to create the table manually?