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Error with Ubuntu

Question asked by Juan Felipe Zuluaga Gómez on May 7, 2019
Latest reply on May 20, 2019 by Eugene Bychkov

Hi ppl.

I have some problems in Linux with Sugar Mobile SDK (and I know it doesn't have any support whit this SO).


I'm follow a doc "Uncon 2017_ Building Custom Apps Using SugarCRM Mobile SDK"

I was execute
   ➔ $SUGAR_MOBILE_SDK_HOME/[sdk-version]/sdk/generate-app [app-folder]
  ➔ ./sdk help
  ➔ ./sdk debug

And it works, but I have some problems with ./sdk build -p android, (I attach console log and
./sdk build -p android -s status --verbose log)

I noticed a Error with JAVA_HOME, but when I executed echo $JAVA_HOME it's the normal environment variable

Does somebody have any suggestion?