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Handling leads in multiple product lines environment

Discussion created by Cosmin Costean on May 3, 2019
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we have a problem in calculating the leads conversion report. Our company have 4 product lines where it is possible for a lead to be interested in more than one product and different sales managers are talking with the same person.

Our problem is that if Sales A talks with Lead A for product A and convert the lead to an account means that he have 1 lead , 1 opportunity and 100% conversion rate.

One month after Sales B talks with Lead A about product B so he needs to convert the lead to an opportunity but this cannot happen anymore.


We can of course use opportunity directly for product B but this would not really be right because Sales A and sales B started the discussion in the same time so somehow it would be unfair to say that only sales A have managed to convert the lead.


Any suggestions will be appreciated.