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Possible to upgrade/convert from Sugar Corporate 6.5.0 to Sugar Professional?

Question asked by Andrew Williamson on Apr 25, 2019



I'm in the process of trying to upgrade our in-house Sugar Corporate 6.5.0 (Build 8338) to in-house Sugar Professional. We have a license for the latest version of Sugar Pro, but in order to get there first I need to go from Corporate to Professional. Looking at the download files (which only go all the way down to Sugar Professional 6.5.0), this is the update package I'm trying to use: SugarPro-Upgrade-6.5.x-to-6.5.26


Prior to starting this, I made a copy of the current sugar database and site instance to another machine just so I don't mess up the current working one. I was able to launch the Sugar Corporate site on the new machine like normal. My next step was to copy the site on the same machine thus giving me two sites to work with. We'll call these SugarOld and SugarNew. SugarOld has the current settings (so I can check to make sure I didn't break anything in the process) and SugarNew is what I'm using to test the upgrade.


So the first step I tried was copying everything from SugarOld into the blank SugarNew folder, then extracting the SugarPro-Upgrade-6.5.x-to-6.5.26 zip file to overwrite any files. This did not work as it gave me the following error: "Sugar CRM 6.5.26 Files May Only Be Used With A Sugar CRM 6.5.26 Database." I did try using both methods (not at the same time) mentioned in the following link but I ended up with a blank page: What can I do about a "Sugar CRM Files May Only Be Used With A Sugar CRM Database" error? 


So next I erased everything in the SugarNew folder and used these links: 


I extracted the SugarPro-Upgrade-6.5.x-to-6.5.26 files into the SugarNew folder and then copied the config.php file (and the override) into the folder as well as any modules folders from SugarOld to SugarNew that weren't already in the SugarNew folder.


When I try launching the SugarNew site in Firefox, I'm getting a blank page. In IE, I'm getting a 500 Internal Server Error that the webpage could not be displayed.


When I try launching the SugarOld site, it is still coming up as normal.


Is there a step I'm missing or something I'm performing incorrectly?