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How can I share the code in 3 servers?

Question asked by Alan Muñiz on Apr 17, 2019



The problem that I have right now is an Infrastructure level;
I'm hosting on AWS a SugarCRM application and I have to replicate the code in 3 servers of an Autoscaling group on Amazon web services, 
What I'm using is EFS (elastic file system) or S3 (simple storage service)


In my first test, I tried with the full project (about 1.2 Gb of size) and apache was reading really slow the code.
In my second test, I tried with only the custom folder, and It works good but when I have to launch the quick repair, it shows errors related with the Mysql (that is an RDS).


at the moment the only solution that I have found to replicate the code in that autoscaling group (3 servers), is to mount an S3 bucket in another location and replicate the code in "local", from the route of the S3 bucket to the custom folder.


What I need is a solution or recommendation (or know it is possible to do this kind of process).