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How to send an image by api rest in the product module 

Question asked by Francisco Javier Garcia on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2019 by Francisco Javier Garcia
Could you help me? I am trying to load an image of a product in a field of type image, of a new module. 
The request is sent with Postman with the url
<sugarcrm>/rest/v10/prdto_Products/626bd424-5af8-11e9-9e4c-9829a662ce2a/file/tct_imagen_c It is a POST method but it does not load it. The body of the petition is {    "format": "sugar-html-json",    "delete_if_fails": true,    "oauth_token": "bf97f266-abff-4541-8c98-c90d926e95e6",   "tct_imagen_c": "C: /8801031544561_1.jpg"  #
this is the file path
THE response it sends is:
{ "error": "missing_parameter",     "error_message": "Attachment is missing" }

What is the correct way to send the image?

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