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Resolving cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable red flag on SugarCRM upgrade to version 9.0.0

Question asked by magarenzo on Apr 9, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2019 by Ambit Support

Even though there is seemingly no release notes or updates about it, files for SugarCRM version 9.0.0 have been released here.


Note: you must have a SugarCRM subscription to see the downloads.


I'm using the upgrade package ( in the command line upgrader (


I have a red flag in the health check that I am trying to resolve to move forward with the upgrade, but surprise, the Troubleshooting Health Check Output page does not have this error listed with a way to resolve it.


The error is as follows:


INFO => F: [Issue 229][red][cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable][579][Unable to perform character set/collation conversion: (utf8mb4_general_ci) on table: temp_table_key_replaced] Unable to perform character set/collation conversion: (utf8mb4_general_ci) on table: temp_table_key_replaced


I've searched but to no avail. Has anybody ran this upgrade yet and gotten past this red flag?