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Integration with Flexmail?

Discussion created by Damien Pochon on Apr 3, 2019
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Dear community,

Some of our Europe-based customers are becoming uncomfortable with Mailchimp as it is hosted in the US. We hear a lot about Flexmail (https://flexmail.be/fr) which also offers basic marketing automation. 

I reached out to them but they do not offer a pre-built connector. Instead, they recommend third-party integration services (Piesync etc) which are not hosted in the EU. Also, costs can be difficult to anticipate (often based on API calls). 

Has any of you already developed a connector? Any experience on associated workload? Would you be willing to share the code (commercial conditions to be discussed of course)? 



PS : 

Mailjet and Sendinblue are also mentionned often... So the same question applies there.