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SOLVED - Calculated Field - Value from 2 Fields wether which one is filled

Discussion created by Lennart Gebauer on Mar 26, 2019
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so far i have a calculated field that takes a value from one field and uses it.





But i'd like to adjust the field that it's possible to take the information needed from 2 fields.

And it depends on which field is filled with a value to take that value.


Usecase is:


We have Module A and Module B with records of Users.

In the Case Section we Link records from Module A or B, depending of the which kind of Users they are.

Within the Case Module we use the zipcode (at the moment just Module A) of the user for Reporting. So we see which ticket comes from which Region.

The Point is a calculated Field that will get it's value from either connected record form Module A or connected record from Module B.


I hope it's clear what i like to do