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Is there a way to configure a trigger such that when a new activity (call, meeting, task, note, etc.) is added in relation to another record (i.e. an opportunity record) the Date Modified on the related/parent (opportunity record) changes?

Question asked by Emily Adams on Mar 18, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2019 by Bud Hartley

I'd like to find a way to change the Date Modified on an (opportunity/organization/client contact, etc.) record when an associated activity (specifically: call, note, meeting, task) is added and tied back to the (opportunity/organization/client contact).  Is this feasible? 


This would help with reporting - i.e. tracking stagnant opportunities.  In this scenario, perhaps nothing on the opportunity record itself changes, but a new call, or meeting has been logged so progress is being made behind the scenes.  If I could change the date modified on the actual opportunity record (only if the note, call, etc. has been tied to an opportunity or otherwise - I do realize they can be created independently), it'd be helpful!