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Extending Customer Journey by code

Question asked by Pierre-Nicolas Lemoine on Mar 13, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2019 by Emil Kilhage

Hi all,

I'm working with the Customer Journey plugin on Sugar 8.3 (Cloud). I would like to extend its features. One my need is to print a drawer in the record view of the opportunity module after a task validation. 

I've noticed that all the elements are in the folder : custom/clients/base/views/dri-workflow/dri-workflow.js. I copied this file in custom/modules/Opportunities/clients/base/views/dri-workflow/dri-workflow.js. Unfortunately this change is never apply. After quick repair and rebuild, the new file is in cache/javascript/base/components_[...].js but the plugin still use the file located in custom/clients.

The dri-workflow.js is a singleton. It starts by 

(function (app) {
    return {

I'm not able to extend it. Furthermore I don't understand why Sugar don't take in count the file in custom/modules/Opportunities... This file should override the file in custom/clients/..., Right ?


Someone already try to extend this plugin ? Is-it something possible ?