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Disable updating Date Modified when making a REST API call

Question asked by Yury Voloshin on Mar 7, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 25, 2019 by Yury Voloshin

I'm making an API call from an external service to change a custom field in the Accounts module in Sugar 8.3. The difficult part is that, when the field is changed, I don't want the "date-modified" field to change. I think that one way to do this is to set up an API logic hook where something like this happens:

$Account = BeanFactory::getBean('Accounts', $Result['id']);

$Account->update_date_modified = false;
$Account->update_modified_by = false;

Here are my questions about this:

1) Does this approach make sense, or is these a better way to do this?

2) What type of an API hook should I use? Before_routing, after_routing, or before_filter?

3) The route used by the API call would look like this: <Sugar URL>/rest/v11/Accounts/<account id>.  How can I get the account id parameter from the request inside the API hook?


Thank you for any help!