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How to filter through records using bean factory

Question asked by David Matrai on Feb 13, 2019
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Hello Sugar Developer Community 


I am having difficulties accomplishing the following 

-- Entrypoint ::  create leads 


JSON is sent over and the creation of the lead is underway 



I am passed a value that would represent a company name to place into a company name relate field. 



Cannot add relate without the ID 

-- Trying to get the ID by name 

$sql = new SugarQuery();
$accBean = BeanFactory::getBean("Accounts");
$nameAC = $vars->architectComp;     *** is an account name
$sql->where()->contains('name', $nameAC);
$result = $sql->execute();
$bean->account_id_c = $result[0]['id'];      //When replaced with an existing ID string . -- write successful 


I always get an empty result .     -- from what i gather my $accBean is empty because i have supplied no ID 


Please help me understand how to load the accounts and itereate through them to get an ID if the name is a match. 

** Would like to use the current recommended sugar standards as of 8.0 but if it has to be "hacky" i can work with that !


Thank you