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Get record ID in _headerModuleList.tpl (CE)

Question asked by Robert Sinclair on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Robert Sinclair

I'm trying to customize the very top navigation menu and figured out everything except for how to get the module name and record ID inside _headerModuleList.tpl (template which generates the top navigation bar)


What I tried:

- Calling $_REQUEST inside .tpl file, but since the URL contains a # it seems like the module name, record etc. are generated by JS

- Calling $bean->id, $focus->id etc.

- Setting up a custom view then defining module/record id as a smarty variable > defining a custom header in metadata for that view > reading that smarty variable inside the custom header. Problem is that it seems like we can only specify a custom 'headerTpl', but not a custom 'headerModuleList.tpl'

- Tried all relevant smarty loops inside "_headerModuleList.tpl"

May be a powerhouse like Francesca Shiekh , drifterjack drifterjack, Ara Gon would be kind enough to share their experience with this


There's surprisingly very little documentation on this except for standard modifications via admin interface