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Quoted Line Item does not show delete option for User

Question asked by Fabian Varasteh on Feb 10, 2019
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our customer account records are split into 3 different regions. These regions are assigned to 3 different sales manager.

In some cases the responsible sales person is not able to delete quoted line items on the quote record.

For some reason, the quoted line item does not get assigned to the sales manager and instead assigns to the Admin or even remains empty.

For this reason the sales manager is not able to delete quoted line items that have been added by accident and needs to starts all over again.


I tried to create a workflow with a business rule to assign the associated sales manager to the quoted line item. But it only works on some line items. I had a look at the Sugar role management but I couldn't find something odd.


Am I missing something out?



Business Rule I created to override the assigned to field on Quoted Line Items:

Process Defintion: