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Displaying international Product Catalogue

Question asked by B_Canales on Jan 29, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2019 by Julia Weinhold

Hi Community,


has someone ever faced the challenge to display an international Product Catalogue?


Imagine you have a world wide company selling the same items but using their local product names (i.e. used on printing the Quote in local language).


In SugarCRM Products are records and records requries a (one) name. This ends in setting up the same items with different names depending on the amount of languages you use in the world. OFC reports can be adjusted and based on a common item code but you loose the out of the box reporting/forecast/ functionalities at least in SugarCRM Enterprise when you configure it on line item / product base.


Not enough all SugarCRM User see all the product items you have in the product catalogue due to missing teams are available on Product Catalogue. Using Product Types or categories for displaying a country/subsidarie and linking the local product items to it may bring order to chaos a bit but does not realy solve the overall pain.


My question is: Have I completely missed a way to display this out of the box and someone can give me a hint?


I'm fully aware of that you can solve some or all parts of the described by using custom code but in this case it is not the way I want to go with it.


Looking forward for your input / discussion!


Best regards