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Problem with new Elastica library and textarea fields

Question asked by Diego Celdrán on Jan 29, 2019



We have an instance with Sugar 8.0.0 and we upgraded to 8.0.2. We see SugarCRM updates the Elastica library.


Our problem is, if you go to ProductTemplates module, and add to "description" field a string with more than 15 characters, the globalsearch can't find it. In Sugar 8.0.0 it is working. I try in Sugar 8.3.0 and the problem is the same.


I also try to do directly a query into elasticsearch and also works, so i think the problem is on elastica library.


I do some tries with another field types, like the name field, and it also works with string more than 15 characters.


Anyone has the same problem and know how to solve it?