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Requesting Leads via API with "Accept Status" field results in incorrect number of records returned?

Question asked by Vaughn Okerlund on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Matt Marum



I'm currently using the rest API (V11_1) and Sugar 8.2 to try and pull Leads records from my Sugar instance. In most cases this works correctly, and all 1,754 of the leads in the instance are returned. However, when I make a request that specifically requests the fields "accept_status_meetings" and "accept_status_calls" in it, only 1001 records are returned. What's more is that this occurs even though I'm setting a "max_num" parameter of 1000. If I request either one of these fields without the other, 1,753 records will be returned. Additionally, if I pull all fields (by not specifying which fields to pull), all records will be returned.


Can anyone provide any insight as to why these discrepancies are occurring? Performing the same request with the V4_1 API yields the correct number of records.


Here is the request I'm using, as tested with Postman: