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Account import no longer shows number of successful records created or failed and no option to not save the results.

Discussion created by Lyle Hookom on Jan 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Lyle Hookom

Previously importing Accounts, Contacts, etc would show at the end of the import a screen showing how many records were successfully imported and how many failed. There  was also an option to discard the results. If you discarded the results none of the records would be saved. This was a very nice feature for importing.


Since we did a data refresh from our Production environment a week ago the above mentioned screen, I have also attached a screenshot of an import of 1 record, does not show the proper information. The import was successful in this case and one record was created.


The problem is we are doing a massive amount of imports from Salesforce and sometimes the records fail, but now there is no way to know this. In fact we imported over 20,000 accounts and maybe one or two were successful.


What happened to this screen? Is there a setting?

Thanks Lyle