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How can I prevent "Sync from Outlook" from creating duplicate Meetings in Sugar?

Question asked by Erica Rotermann on Jan 15, 2019

We have several users learning to use Sugar for tracking and reporting on Meetings with customers.  We generally schedule most meetings in Outlook, and then sync those records to Sugar via "Mark to Sync" and "Sync to Sugar". 


However, we are coming across an issue where a recurring meeting that has already been synced will be duplicated the next time the user selects "Sync to Sugar".  This causes slowness and inconsistent data etc in our reporting.  Currently, the only workaround is to select "Unmark to Sync" after the sync is complete the first time.


The expectation is that once a meeting is synced, it should not be included in the next sync cycle.  (note: There are no changes to the meeting at all between syncs)


Sugar Enterprise version 7.7

Outlook Plug In version 2.4.3