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Day/TimeStamp within Formula

Question asked by Courtney Eaton on Jan 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2019 by Patrick McQueen

I have several fields that need to be calculated. One is simple enough "Current Count" - "Old Count" gives me the "Difference". Which in my field this is the formula for "Difference" = subtract($new_bag_count_c,$old_bag_count_c). 


But I need a value to "freeze" every Wednesday at 2 pm EST. So I made a field called "Bag Count Weekly". 

Here is the formula: ifElse(equal(dayofweek(today()),4),$new_bag_count_c,$old_bag_count_c) 


I can't figure out how to add the TimeStamp into the formula, not even sure if I have the rest of it correct or not either. Appreciate the assistance.