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calculated field getting value from unrelated record during edit

Question asked by Andrew Rappaport on Jan 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Andrew Rappaport

We have recently deployed a solution (SugarCRM v8.1) where the name of meetings is a concatenation of two values from a related parent record and one field from the meetings record. The calculation worked fine during extensive pre-deployment testing. But now that we have several users using the CRM concurrently, we have noticed that if the field in the meetings record that contributes to the name is edited after the record has been created and saved, before the altered record is saved, the name calculation picks up values not from the related parent record, but from the most recent record from the parent module that any user has edited. When the record is saved, the field is calculated properly and the correct values are saved.


While this problem is not creating data corruption errors, it is confusing for users. Does anyone have experience with this problem and any suggestions of how it can be fixed or mitigated? FYI, I have tried creating new fields in the meetings module to pull from the related records and then having the name field concatenate only from within the record itself, but this makes no difference. So there appears to be some general issue with references to related records during editing.