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Specific area to share ideas we've come up with?

Question asked by Kayla Ebert on Jan 11, 2019

I've come across help process definitions in my wandering on the internet and Youtube. I'm wondering if anyone else has created time-saving processes or logic hooks they could share with other users, and if so, is there a specific area we can do that?


Here's a very simple example.


When our of our sales reps contacts a lead and the lead requests DNC, 1) the rep must mark DNC as true, 2) change the lead status to "Dead" and 3) explain why in a text field named "Need to Know Notes".


These are 3 extra steps that waste the sales reps time, but a still vital to ensure no one calls that lead again or even wastes time opening the record only to find out they shouldn't call the lead. 


Today, I created a checkbox named "DNC Requested" and put it in the call creation layout.


When this checkbox is clicked, a process definition then marks the lead as DNC, changes the status to "Dead" and copies the call notes into the "Need to Know Notes" text field. 


If the parent of the call is a contact, the "DNC" field is marked a true. 


Obviously, this was a simple idea but we've been using Sugar over 2 years now and it just occurred to me to create this process today. I'd like to share this idea and others with other Sugar users in hopes they will find it useful.