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Add Custom Field Type to Sugar Logic

Question asked by Shad Mickelberry on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Shad Mickelberry

I have a custom field type for an auto-increment field. Using this guide we have almost all the functionality we would like:… 


One exception is the field is not available to use in Sugar Logic. I have tracked down the function that populates this data to the cleanFields method in modules/ExpressionEngine/formulaHelper.php. Manually modifying this function adds the field to the select field list while building a Sugar Logic formula but I cannot figure out how to achieve this without modifying the core file.


Copying and extending to custom/modules/ExpressionEngine/formulaHelper.php didn't do the trick. I also copied and extended what I think is the view for this at custom/modules/ExpressionEngine/views/view.editformula.php but this didn't work either.


Any ideas on how to implement this for On-Demand environments?

Note that the class FormulaHelper at modules/ExpressionEngine/formulaHelper.php is auto-loaded in cache/class_map.php


Thank you