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How to avoid chasing red herrings in logic hook relations?

Question asked by Josh Wright on Dec 27, 2018
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Hello all,


I am a web developer who is learning sugarcrm at my new workplace. I have a fair understanding of the MVC workflow as well as SQL and programming. My question is as follows: How do you determine the correct relationship to use with the SugarCRM Bean data framework?


For example: let's say I want to link prospect lists to Contacts by logic hook. My first thought is to go into the Studio and look for the relation between prospect lists(target lists) and Contacts. I see a relation between contacts and target lists called "prospect_list_contacts" and get to work setting up my logic hook and loading relations. Some troubleshooting later, I realize this is a red herring relationship and the real relationship is actually loading the Contacts relationship itself. such as: $targetlist->load_relationship('contacts'); However, this method seems to work with some relationships(notably ones that aren't built into sugar).


If I want to go even further, the relationship within SQL is prospect_lists_prospects WHERE related.type = "Contacts" if I wanted to find the related ID's to a target/prospect list, adding even more to the confusion. Is there an easier way of testing and finding the correct relations?