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Importing Tasks errors with time values in Description field

Question asked by Lyle Hookom on Dec 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by Patrick McQueen

I am migrating Salesforce data into Sugar for one our company divisions located in Germany.

Sugar is at version 8.0.2

When importing Tasks I will get errors.

Troubleshooting has shown me that if the first record has a Description field value such as "This is a description at 9:57 AM today", I will get an invalid datetime field error and no records import successfully.  If I remove the "AM" from the description I can then successfully import 100's of records successfully . The other records can all contain similar time values with AM or PM within the Description. In fact since this data comes from emails and tasks entered there may be 10 or more AM or PM in a single Description value.


At some point the problem starts over again, for example at record 710 I had  to remove the "AM" and "PM" values from the description and then I could import a 1000 records.


I do not know why the Wizard is messing up on the 1st and 710 records and probably others. I am trying to import 16000 or more records.