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mobile view not working on secure web (citrix xenmobile)

Question asked by Matthew Heinzel on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by Matthew Heinzel

hello all,


i was hoping somebody knew what triggers the "mobile view not supported in this browser", and where to find these tests in the code.


our sugar instance is behind a firewall so it was unreachable by phone until we got the Citrix Xenmobile/EMM, tried loading it with their secure web app and it throws that error, full site works fine minus zooming. reading the specs on the browser from citrix, it is using the native webview. the browser supports cookies, javascript (engine is javascriptcore), and localstorage/appcache. it should support any modern site with a mobile view.


im hoping either someone knows whats going on, or can point out where it throws this error page so i can add some debug output to see which technology is missing.


we have sugar 7.9.x, will update to 8.x when i have time


thank you for any help!