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Conditionally add an additional parameter to an iFrame on a record?

Question asked by Greg Mackey on Dec 14, 2018
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Short Version...

How can we add a custom parameter to a records iFrame field?

We need to include partner_id= 123"  - along with height width etc



Long Version...

I am embedding an iFrame to in our Accounts records - to show the contents of that accounts box folder, which works pretty well.


However, as a clickjacking precaution, they have a randomised interaction that displays everytime you load or refresh the record before the contents of the iFrame display. This becomes a bit tedious to repeatedly do for the users.


After checking with box support, it is possible for them to not require this randomised interaction when the following is done:
1. they whitelist the domain

2. we add  X-Frame-Options header value of DENY or SAMEORIGIN to all headers.

3. We include  "partner_id= 123"  in the iFrame settings  sent to box


So, having sorted out the first 2 bits, I need to my question is....
How can I edit the iFrame call to include "partner_id= 123"  - along with height width etc for this specific field?

Is this a vardef thing? or something done in the code elsewhere?