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Why Sugar Need third-party applications?

Question asked by Mily Rose on Dec 4, 2018

Integration is one the most powerful features for any type of customer relationship management application. it provide umpteen ad-on feature and functionality to CRM platform. Some of popular and widely use CRM integration features are…

CRM has not any own payment system, but its capable to manage customers payment. So, we need to integrate an Payment gateway application with CRM. Like SugarCRM Integration With QuickBooks

Customer Relationship Management platform has functionality to manage business customer contact details. But. CRM has not any inbuilt feature to send promotional, update or other type of message to customers. So, We need to integration an email marketing application with our CRM system. Like Mailchimp or Outlook.

Here we are discussing about some widely used SugarCRM Integration and its need. So, if you are using Sugar platform, this is very helpful tips for you.

SugarCRM Integration

Why Integration Third-Party application with SugarCRM?

As I mentioned above, Customer relationship management is platform and it only contains some important management features. Such as ..

>>Lead management 
>>Marketing management
>>Calls management
>>Contacts management
>>Email- management 
>>Campaign management

Any many other management features according to our subscription plan. SugarCRM has Email management feature but it can not send email without any email marketing application.

SugarCRM has calls features but it can not make calls without any telephony application like Twilio etc.

So, This is the main cause — why CRM need third-party integration?

Which application can be integrated with SugarCRM?

There are following type of third-party applications can be integrated with Sugar platform. Watch the complete video tutorial or click here

Every business have unique business structure and SugarCRM offer all type of enterprises business feature with popular marketing, Sales and accounting applications integration solutions.