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How can I add Contact information to an Email Template tied to the Cases module?

Question asked by Jeff Skelton on Dec 4, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by André Lopes

I'm sure this will be something simple that I'm doing wrong, but I'm having a little trouble. I recently implemented the Cases module and have created a Process Definition that kicks off an email when a Case is closed. When a Case is closed, it triggers an Email Template. In this Email Template, I would like to include a list of the Contacts that are tied to the Case, along with their emails. When I use the Field Selector, I have only the following options:

Accounts [*:1](Account: accounts)
Users [*:1](Assigned to User: assigned_user_link)
Users [*:1](Created User: created_by_link)
Users [*:1](Modified User: modified_user_link)


I tried to manually create a "many to many" relationship between Contacts and Cases (since a Case can have multiple Contacts and those Contacts can be on multiple Cases), however this does not give me any additional options in the Field Selector. I tried a "one to many" relationship and that did give me additional options in the Field Selector, however they did not produce the desired output (or any output at all for that matter).


If anyone can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, it would be greatly appreciated.