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email compose, add a contact's secondary email as recipient

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Dec 4, 2018

I am working in Sugar Pro 8.0.2


If you compose an email and manually start typing a contact's secondary email address in the To recipients it will not find the Contact related tot hat email address. You can still add it, but there is no indication that the address is linked to a Contact or Lead etc.


If you add a recipient by name then it defaults the primary email address of that contact regardless of whether it is opted out, the decoration for opted out does not seem to work and there is no indication that that contact's primary address is opted out. The Address book also includes only primary email addresses.


Additionally, when searching by name directly in the recipients field, the dropdown shows all matching records but does not include the email address, which means that if you are adding John Smith to the email you will get multiples and have no indication of who is who. The Address book helps a little because it shows the addresses, but is an extra step and again, only shows primary addresses.


I believe the Select2 should include both name and email address to aid selection.

Also, both the dropdown and the Address book should include ALL matching email addresses and not just the primary. In particular if I search by email address matches should show for ALL addresses (primary and not).


Has anyone modified email-recipients and/or the address book to allow for a better selection? If so, how?