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Custom dahslet works on base/web view but it is missing on mobile view/app

Question asked by Daniel Alexander Montoya Herrera on Nov 30, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2018 by Daniel Alexander Montoya Herrera




I'm creating some new custom dashlet for home/dashboard module and they work as expects however none of them are available on mobile view/app.


When we have a dashboard that only has custom dahslet it didn't appear for mobile at all. 


If you have a dashboard that both vanilla dahslets and custom dahslet the dashboard will appear for mobile but it will show the vanilla one only.


I did try to clone/duplicate a vanilla one that is available on both views/clients and the clone didn't appear on the mobile app/view.









I did copy modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/* and rename the view folder name and the files inside and it did work as expected on base/web view.


I did try to copy/clone modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage to custom/modules/Home/clients/base/views/copy and it did work for base/web but the mobile was missing.



How can I accomplish this since this item is critical for this project/customer to go live with sugarCRM?


Also I did search all over the code and didn't find another reference to the dashlet "Web Page" outside of modules/Home/*:


#grep -Rni -e "webpage" modules/Home



modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:13:$viewdefs['Home']['base']['view']['webpage'] = array(
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:16: 'label' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_NAME',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:17: 'description' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_DESC',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:24: 'title' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_NAME',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:36: 'label' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_URL',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:37: 'help' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_URL_HELP',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:43: 'options' => 'dashlet_webpage_limit_options',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.php:51: 'label' => 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_URL',
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.js:12: * @class View.Views.Base.Home.WebpageView
modules/Home/clients/base/views/webpage/webpage.js:13: * @alias SUGAR.App.view.views.BaseHomeWebpageView

dules/Home/language/lv_LV.lang.php:130: 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_NAME' => 'Interneta lapa',
modules/Home/language/lv_LV.lang.php:131: 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_DESC' => 'Interneta lapa',
modules/Home/language/lv_LV.lang.php:132: 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_URL' => 'URL',




modules/Home/language/lv_LV.lang.php:133: 'LBL_DASHLET_WEBPAGE_URL_HELP' => 'Daža.',